About The Teeswater – Culross Rural Fair

The history of the fair is an integral part of the history of Teeswater and Culross Township!

Culross Township was first surveyed in 1852, a mere three years before the first Teeswater - Culross Rural Fair! Now 160 years old, 'The Fair' is one of the oldest and largest in Ontario, attracting thousands of visitors annually during the three day event.

While an event this size requires the support of the local community and businesses, the 'heavy lifting' is done by the Teeswater Agricultural Society, a volunteer, non-profit organization.

Planning for The Fair is a year round occupation, beginning early in the year and 'unofficially' ending after Hallowe'en when 'Ye Olde Spooke House', another well-known Ag Society event, is laid to rest (pun intended) for another year.