National Volunteer Appreciation Week - "You are the roots of our strong community" Thanks again for all your help you do wheter its during fair time, or any other time for any other service club or for our community.

Updates: We are currently running a fundraizer together with the curling club to raize enough money to put a new roof on the curling club building.  You can support us by buying cash calenders at $20 a piece which there are tones of draws being made throughout the year. There are still a hand full of calenders left, if you don't have one contact us and you can get in on the winning as well.

We are already in the month of March and here are the winners for this month.

March 4 - Mark Schnurr

March 11 - Rev Oliver Rich

March 18 - Lori Ruetz

March 25 - John Wilton

Congrats to the winners and many more of them to come!!!

Welcome to the Teeswater - Culross Rural Fair!

lawntractorSince 1855 hundreds of local volunteers and businesses in Teeswater and Culross Township have worked together to create the BEST rural fair in Ontario!

birdhouseFrom tractor pulls to handcrafts, pies and preserves to horsehows and baby sheep, there's something for the whole family August 21st to 23rd, 2015!

From dawn to dusk sample the best of the country, Teeswater style! And if your feet are still tapping at sundown join us on the infield for two-steppin', heel kicking music!

So come to The Fair in Teeswater and help us celebrate 160 years of the Teeswater - Culross Rural Fair!

...Country is In The Air at The 160th Teeswater Fair!